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Westminster Upgrades Parking Enforcement

Posted by: Fleet Licence Check - Tuesday, September 02, 2014

[Image courtesy of The Daily Mail; full article here.]

We were amused by this story in The Daily Mail a couple of years back; the 21" long double yellow lines in Canterbury, Kent. Was it really worth the paint?! 

Anyway, your company's drivers will know how difficult it is to find appropriate parking in the Greater London area. Between narrow streets and passenger vehicles taking up commercial parking spaces, company drivers can be forced to park illegally themselves or drive around aimlessly looking for a place to unload. Thanks to the Westminster City Council, that is about to change. The council recently voted to upgrade its enforcement efforts by changing personnel.

Currently, parking enforcement is left up to an army of civil enforcement officers (CEO) with the power to issue penalty charge notices for a variety of traffic violations. They will soon be replaced by traffic marshals, a group of fully trained CEOs with additional skills in traffic flow management. The marshals were used extensively in preparation for, and during, the Olympics in 2012. Westminster officials believe the marshals could be equally useful in helping better maintain traffic in the city.

In addition to writing penalty charge notices, the traffic marshals will focus on directing traffic and otherwise keeping things moving in order to prevent the sorts of problems that lead to penalties. They will be directing car drivers to appropriate spaces while also helping commercial drivers find the best spots to load and unload. This is good news to fleet drivers who should now find it easier to work amid the congestion in Westminster.

Help Managing Your Fleet

By replacing CEOs with traffic marshals, Westminster City Council is making it much easier to manage traffic on busy city streets. Likewise, a company such as Fleet Licence Check can help manage your fleet by way of claims handling and licence checks. We have been in business since 1987.

We were originally established to handle motor claims for companies of all sizes throughout the UK. On average, we handle roughly 16,000 claims covering some 50,000 vehicles annually. However, we have also been approved by the DVLA to conduct licence checks for motoring companies. We handle about 20,000 checks annually.

The DVLA conducts about 700,000 checks per year themselves. According to their statistics, one in every 540 checks reveals a revoked or disqualified licence. That may not seem like much, but it could be a big problem if that one driver happens to be someone on your payroll. By working with us, you are more likely to identify that individual quickly.

Fleet Licence Check streamlines the process for you by doing all of the 'heavy lifting'. You just provide us with the driver information we need and we handle the rest. We make inquiry and the results of the checks are sent directly to you. You get all the benefits of a regular licence check without having to go through the time-consuming and often frustrating process of dealing with the DVLA.

If you do business in Westminster, you have a more streamlined parking experience to look forward to. Nevertheless, we encourage you to take the opportunity right now to streamline your licence checking by contacting us at Fleet Licence Check. We make licence checks easy and affordable.

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