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Time to Begin Preparing Fleet Drivers for Winter

Posted by: Fleet Licence Check - Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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As a fleet or transport manager, you know there is a lot more to safe driving than simply running licence validation checks on your drivers. There is also the matter of individuals practising safe driving during all weather conditions. Therefore, it is imperative that you begin preparing fleet drivers for winter from now. While it's only the middle of September, winter weather will be here before you know it.

In the UK, we typically deal with fog, sleet, (even snow), and ice beginning in late October and running through until the middle of March. Unfortunately, fleet drivers are prone to accidents in the early part of the winter season after not having to deal with poor weather through the spring and summer months. In light of that, Fleet News recently published a column reminding company owners and transport managers of steps they can take to prepare for the coming winter.

In terms of equipment, they recommend a number of steps including making sure all company vehicles have appropriate winter weather tyres. Companies that can be flexible with the types of vehicles they use are encouraged to consider four-wheel-drive vehicles as well. Obviously, owners and managers need to pay attention to all types of equipment issues including lighting, breaking, and visibility.

Driver Training

Fleet News recommends some sort of driver training prior to the onset of winter weather. It suggests online training that includes various modules to test your drivers' knowledge of safe practices during inclement weather. Of course, there are companies that provide regularly scheduled classroom and behind-the-wheel training for transport and haulage companies on a remedial basis.

Drivers should be made aware of some common practices that could go a long way toward improving safety:

• appropriate route planning
• hazard recognition and avoidance
• increasing braking and following distances
• setting speed commensurate with weather conditions.

Anything that can affect the safe handling of a vehicle needs to be accounted for during winter weather. Even if drivers do not need behind-the-wheel training, a few hours spent going over basic safety procedures is always a good idea. Safe drivers are good for businesses and communities alike.

Licence Validation Checks

The challenges of winter driving suggest you cannot afford to have fleet drivers who tend to be careless behind the wheel. One of the ways to check up on your drivers is through regular licence validation checks from Fleet Licence Check. The validation checks we run will instantly let you know about anything that shows up on the licences of your company drivers. You will know if they have been found guilty of speeding, careless driving, etc.

For more than 25 years, Fleet Licence Check has been helping motoring companies manage their fleet drivers and vehicles. We offer claims handling, complementary motor vehicle services, and licence checks to companies of all sizes throughout the UK. We can provide your company with a comprehensive service package or one-off licence checking to meet your needs.

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