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Small Fleets and Licence Checking Guide

Posted by: Fleet Licence Check - Friday, September 09, 2016

When you run a small fleet, you'll find that there are several administrative tasks that you must perform regularly to keep things moving smoothly.

Unfortunately, though these tasks are essential, they are also highly time consuming, and can be somewhat complicated if you don't know how to get started.

One of the most important things you'll need to do in managing a fleet, is to run checks on your employees driving licenses to ensure that they are eligible to drive in the UK.

In order to run a licence check on your small fleet, you will need to look at the actual credentials of your employees as a driver, rather than simply checking the standard photo licenses an individual may have. The reason for this is that photo licences aren't always up-to-date.

How Can You Check an Employee Driving Licence?

It is important for fleet companies to protect their employees and themselves by checking licences regularly. The Health and Safety at Work act of 1974 states that all employers have a duty of care to ensure a safe working environment for their employees - which also includes ensuring that drivers are cleared to drive.

Checking licences regularly will help you to avoid possible fines and help ensure that your drivers are properly ensured.

For small fleets, there are several licence checking services available to access online - in some cases for a nominal cost, or no fee whatsoever. Various companies offer the choice to select between basic and premium services when you're looking for information on your employees and their driving record.

Through these systems, you can instantly check various important features on your employee's licences, including their licence status, their foreign licence validation, monthly summary reports, and individual driver reports.

Crucially, you will also be able to check any points, endorsements, or other dangerous aspects on the license of your employee that might increase their risk factor in your business.

The right companies will also provide systems that allow you to re-check information about your drivers as often as you like, so as to keep on top of the latest requirements in the UK for driving eligibility.

The Importance of Licence Checks

For small fleet managers, checking licences is an essential part of your legal requirement and duty of care. This process will not only secure your business and minimise risk, but also promote better road safety across the United Kingdom.

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