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Sat Nav Proficiency Being Added to Driving Exam

Posted by: Fleet Licence Check - Friday, April 28, 2017

A few short years from now, completing a successful driver licence check on a younger driver will mean that person can safely and effectively use a sat nav while driving. Thanks to recent changes to the driving exam announced by the DVSA, new drivers will need to demonstrate sat nav proficiency to get their driving licences.

The sat nav requirement is just one of four new changes being rolled out from December 4th, 2017. The changes are intended to bring the driving exam more in line with 21st-century driving conditions. Government representatives have said they want to test to reflect changing driving conditions and behaviours.

Following a Sat Nav During the Test

Preliminary reports suggest drivers will have to be able to successfully follow directions provided by a sat nav device during the driving exam. Examiners will provide the device and position it so it can be used safely.

Examiners will set the course candidates are expected to follow. A candidate's only responsibility will be to drive while responding to sat nav instructions. If the distraction proves too much, it is possible the new driver will not pass the exam. The DVSA has not yet released details about how the sat nav portion of the exam will be scored.

Sat Navs are a Part of Modern Driving

The vast majority of our clients operate either large fleets or have a number of employees who drive company vehicles on a regular basis. They are already familiar with the concept of driving with sat navs leading the way. Still, we wonder how many drivers already licenced drivers could pass the sat nav portion of the new test.

A driver licence check of a current driver would not indicate experience with the sat nav device. The best employers can do is assume that their drivers can handle the distraction without compromising safety.

On a final and somewhat lighter note, we wonder what would happen if the sat nav device being used in the driving exam gave incorrect instructions. How many times have we read the stories about commercial drivers who got their lorries stuck under a bridge after following incorrect sat nav directions?

All of this notwithstanding, conducting a regular driver licence check on all your company drivers is important to the best interests of your company. We can provide those checks both efficiently and cost-effectively.


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