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Renewal Issue Reveals Serious Flaw in DVLA System

Posted by: Fleet Licence Check - Wednesday, August 19, 2015

According to regulations currently in place, drivers suffering from certain medical conditions must surrender their licences every 12 months and apply for renewal. In the time it takes for the DVLA to complete the renewal review process, drivers can still legally operate on UK roads by obtaining a letter from the regulator giving them permission to do so. One would think renewal should only take a few weeks, but that is not necessarily the case – as was discovered by a Polish driver who lives and works in the UK.

HGV driver Marek Durkiewicz surrendered his licence earlier this year and he was given his letter from the DVLA. He hoped his renewal would be concluded swiftly, given that his work takes him throughout Europe. He was also planning to drive home to Poland on holiday. Yet five months after filing his renewal paperwork, the process had still not been completed. Durkiewicz missed his holiday and remained restricted in his driving at work.

DVLA driver licence verfication

System Needs to Change

Durkiewicz did eventually get his licence back thanks to the efforts of a pro bono solicitor who contacted both the Department for Transport and the Secretary of State for Transport challenging the validity and timeliness of the current process. Solicitor Agata Dmoch contended that the process violates the European Union's fundamental right to free movement. Her argument was successful, resulting in the HGV driver getting his new licence issued promptly. Dmoch hopes the incident motivates the DVLA to fix a potentially serious flaw that can completely, but unnecessarily, up-end the lives of drivers forced to surrender their driving licences for medical purposes.

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