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Is it Illegal to Drive Without your Licence on you?

Posted by: Fleet Licence Check - Friday, November 25, 2016

It's easy to get confused by the complications involved in the UK licence system. However, if you manage a fleet of professional drivers, then it's essential to make sure these individuals know how to conduct themselves on the road.

After all, it's possible for any driver to commit an offence through simple ignorance. On top of that, matters aren't helped by the fact that categories have swapped and changed over the years.

Driving Licence Legal Rules

An experienced driver who got his licence thirty years ago might have been covered to drive different vehicles in various groups, but have no idea of the new categories that have emerged on modern licences today. On top of that, extra problems emerge regarding supervision of other drivers, age, and more.

Driving without Your Licence on You

The topic of whether it's possible to drive without your licence with you at all times is a difficult one. While it's not necessarily against the law to drive without your licence on hand, it is strongly recommended that you do so - particularly for members of a fleet that represent a larger business.

It's important to remember that as professional as the members of your fleet might be - the police have the right to stop a vehicle at any time, for any reason.

If a police officer asks a driver to stop, or indicates that they should pull over, the driver should always ensure that they pull over when it is safe to do so - as they will break the law if they don't. When that driver is stopped, the police officer that addresses them can ask to see their driver's licence, insurance certification, and the certificate they received for their previous MOT.

If you do not have your driving licence with you at this time, then you should be given a maximum of seven days to go and retrieve the licence and take it with you to the police station. In this case, you will most likely need to show your insurance and MOT information too.

Driving without a Licence on You

It is recommended that all individuals within a fleet ensure that they always have the right documentation on hand to avoid any further problems that might be detrimental to the individual driver, or the business they represent. Though you will have time to rectify the problem if a driver doesn't have their licence at hand, it's better to be prepared.

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