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Driving Test Shows Skills Diminish over Time

Posted by: Fleet Licence Check - Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Standards of driving in UK

There are two things that seem difficult to justify among smaller companies operating a limited fleet of vehicles: remedial driver training and regular licence checks. However, a recent driving test that included four reporters from the Daily Mail shows just why both are incredibly important.

The Daily Mail put its reporters through the standard driving test as part of a programme offered by the RED Driving School. The school tested 50 experienced drivers by engaging them in the normal testing procedures first time drivers go through. Astonishingly, 38 of the 50 failed the driving test with an average of three major faults apiece. Three of the four Daily Mail reporters were among those that failed.

The 50 drivers all took the theory test before proceeding to a behind-the-wheel practical skills test with a RED instructor. Suddenly, they had to remember all of the little details they learned when first taught how to drive a car decades ago. Check the mirrors; pay attention to pedestrian traffic; perform an emergency stop; three-point turns; etc. Apparently, it is not as easy as it sounds the longer you have had your licence.

Taking Things for Granted

Even though the results of the RED tests were not very impressive, reality is not as bad as the statistics make it appear. The fact is that we do, by instinct, many of those things we had to force ourselves to consciously think of during that first driving test so many years ago. For example, we do not have to consciously force ourselves to negotiate road works. It is something we instinctively do.

Having said that, drivers also take far too many things for granted. We find ourselves distracted to the point of missing road signs, not seeing motorcycle riders and cyclists, and sometimes not paying attention to speed limits. Moreover, during periods of bad weather, many of us mistakenly assume we can drive just as fast and aggressively as normal.

Protect Yourself and Your Company

As the owner of a company with its own vehicles, you need to make sure you protect yourself and your business. Remedial driver training should be a normal part of the way you operate. So should regular licence checks.

Licence checks keep you up-to-date with the driving histories of your workers. A licence check will reveal violations and other incidents that reflect how careful your drivers are while operating their vehicles. Keep in mind that most workers will not go out of the way to tell you they have had problems if revealing those problems will jeopardise their employment. You need to take the responsibility to find out for yourself. Fleet Licence Check can help.

Our service makes it possible for you to check the licences of your drivers at any time. Provide us with the information we need, then wait for the results to be returned directly to you. With Fleet Licence Check, you always know exactly what is going on with your drivers. The more you know about your drivers, the safer your fleet will be.

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