Using the new View Driver Record (VDR) service is for individuals only. Businesses using the VDR service to check their drivers’ licences are committing a criminal offence.

The Share My Driver Record (SMDR) service can be used to validate licences. Although this service will be initially free during the beta stage, we expect this to change in the future. This service is very time consuming as it requires each individual driver to validate their identity, which will generate a unique access code which lasts for a short period. The vehicle operator can then use this code to view information about the driver record for one time only. If the driver wanted to conduct a licence check at a later time, the vehicle operator would need to go through the process again of generating a unique access code.Although this service can be used to view licence details, it is very time consuming and there is currently no audit trail of a licence check actually taking place. This may pose problems should it ever need to be proven that a licence check was undertaken as vehicle operators must demonstrate a ‘rigorous and tested process’ when licence checking.

By using Fleet Licence Check, you can guarantee that each licence result received back is independently reviewed. It cannot be open to interpretation with potentially high-risk drivers allowed to continue driving due to internal staff not being trained or aware of potential flag points on the licence. The hassle of obtaining a unique access code from each driver is also eliminated as consent is given electronically and lasts for a period of 3 years. Our licence validation service is simple for you and your drivers and customers and eliminates the time you will need to spend conducting licence checks. 

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